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Sagebrush SC

Sagebrush Soccer Club strives to be Northern Nevada’s most successful youth soccer program.

Our mission is to provide a positive and creative environment for youth soccer players to improve both their soccer abilities and life skills, while providing opportunities for advancement in sport and school through commitment, participation, dedication, and sportsmanship.

We are proud to not only talk about success, but to represent it through actual results. In this we aren’t just targeting winning. Sagebrush SC has proven over and over again to be the club that focuses and achieves player development at all levels, with more of it’s own receiving scholarships and acceptance, while advancing on to some of the best schools in the country. We know this is the goal of many, but we move soccer a step beyond by taking every effort to develop children into successful adults that are ready for the real world. They handle challenges without fear and have the live long friendships and support to excel where others may not.

In short, Sagebrush Soccer Club strives to do what other may only talk about doing.

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